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Golf Concepts, Inc. and it’s associates provide a wide spectrum of golf related services, including Golf Facility Consultation and Agronomic Consultation, as well as structured golf educational programs such as Online Golf Industry Training Programs, Subject-specific Educational Certifications, General Manager Certification, Golf Industry Certification, and Golf Teaching Certification. We also provide corporate golf instruction, employee team building seminars and sales incentives using golf. With offices in Fort Myers, Florida, and Sherman Oaks, California, we are especially suited to meet the needs of clients across the country.
In the present economic environment, golf facilities are experiencing pressures to minimize costs and maximize profits. Golf Concepts has been advocating a “Green Approach” to minimizing golf maintenance costs for years.
Golf Facility Consulting
Golf Concepts has partnered with top-flight companies. Planning and Implementation a “minimalist” approach to maintenance that can help any state-of-the-art Golf Course Renovation and Construction.

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Golf Concepts Workshops
Golf Concepts offering workshops targeting golf facilities and businesses of all types on all matters of golf around the country. Stay tuned as this section will be updated regularly.