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About Golf Concepts, Inc

Golf Concepts, Inc., through its’ litany of qualified industry professionals, provides forensic analysis and opinion testimony on golf litigation matters, such as golf course design defects, golf cart accidents, errant golf ball accidents, golf cart accidents in gated communities and on our roadways, golf car accidents in general, golf course driving range accidents, golf instructional accidents, and slip and fall accidents. Our industry experts have been certified as golf accident experts in most states and have testified at deposition and trial, securing both plaintiffs verdicts and defense no cause verdicts. Golf Concepts has provided these services to attorneys, insurance companies, and golf courses regarding all aspects of the golf industry, acting as a golf expert witness or accident reconstruction expert. Golf Concepts can develop computer forensic simulation and accident reconstruction. Golf Concepts has provided opinion testimony approximately 50% of the time for Plaintiff’s in litigation, and 50% for Defendant’s.
Our Founder

Stephen Eisenberg

Our founder, Stephen Eisenberg, is an award winning, certified PGA Professional with 25 years in the field of golf law and 25 years in the golf industry, and also possesses a law degree. This rare combination of understanding of the law and golf operations in golf litigation has allowed him to secure and train a robust litany of qualified industry professionals to assist him in making a thorough and reasoned determination regarding the circumstances of your case. Stephen has owned a golf facility and managed many others. Stephen has been published on golf industry matters and as a subject matter expert for the PGA of America. Stephen is also a faculty member of the Keiser University Professional Golf Management Program, as well as serving as a subject matter expert for Curriculum Development for the University of Colorado at the Rockies.
About Steve Eisenberg | Golf Concepts Inc.
In addition, he has helped the PGA develop their curriculum to train aspiring golf industry professionals, as well as acting as Faculty Coordinator, training the faculty that teach this program. This expertise has qualified him as an expert witness in golf in golf related accident litigation matters, and allowed him to find and train industry professionals to assist Golf Concepts in providing expert witness services.

Expert Witness

Golf Concepts has consulted on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants as an expert witness in golf accidents and golf-related litigation. Golf Concepts has served as an Architectural and Golf Course and Driving Range Design Consultant and have consulted on project development and risk management matters across the country. They have conducted site analysis and prepared reports in a variety of golf related accidents and offered opinions on matters related to golf car accidents, driving range accidents, errant golf shots, golf course design, golf range design, instruction, and slip and fall issues, as well as speaking on these subjects around the world. Works of Golf Concepts professionals have been published in the United States and Globally.
Whether the incident was at a private golf course, public golf course, driving range, cart path, homeowner’s association, or instructional arena, Golf Concepts, L.L.C. can provide an expert review of the circumstances of your case, and can act as a golf driving range expert, golf car expert, golf course design expert, and golf facility expert.
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