Golf Course Facility Consultation

Club Profit Analysis

Geared toward determining its’ true profit potential Golf Concepts International offers golf facility consulting services.

Demographics & Marketing Evaluation

Through its network of nearly 5000 industry-wide professionals who have participated in a seminar led by a Golf Concepts representative, has widespread access to this group, which represents the entire cross-section of the United States.

Staff Training Programs

Consults on Golf Facility Staff Trainingissues that are hampering the optimal performance of your facility. We will sit down with your General Manager and help determine staff training weaknesses.

Club Management Programs

Golf Concepts International has performed on-site club and facility management for 17 years, and has trained PGA Managers for that same time about best practices in Golf Club and Golf Facility Management

Golf Club Risk Assessment

Golf Concepts Consulting sees lawsuits of every type abound in modern society, and golf courses are not immune from them. Golf Concepts can do any or all of the following to help you feel comfortable that your facility has taken all the steps it can.

Secret Shopper Service

There is a high value in undergoing a “secret shopper”. Golf Concepts can perform a variety of requests to help assess services to make sure everything is performing at peak efficiency.

Golf Course Master Planning & Strategic Planning

Golf Concepts, Inc. staff can help you consider all the important factors, from a budget standpoint to securing the right vendors to do the work for you, in the development of the Master and Strategic Plan.

Golf Course Facility Consulting

Golf Concepts partners with leading Agronomists, Golf Course Renovation/Construction Specialists, and Irrigation Specialists to provide full-scale Facility Consulting.