Demographics & Marketing Evaluation

Golf Concepts, through its network of nearly 5000 industry wide professionals who have participated in a seminar led by a Golf Concepts representative, has widespread access to this group, which represents the entire cross-section of the United States, and brings this information back to you in the form of targeted programs and research analysis.
  • An Examination of the existing golf facility marketing plan, with this "Strengths and weaknesses" assessment providing you with valued critique to determine whether you are keeping up with the competition, or falling behind with outdated programs.
  • Additionally, our research will focus on the area golf demographics as it relates to those individuals who might be wishing to become members of your club, or customers at your facility. This is done by reaching out to this demographic in research studies performed by Golf Concepts representatives.
  • We will examine your golf course pricing structure and analyze your program offerings.
  • Finally, our submission to your facility of a modified marketing plan will assure you that you have done all that you can to make it likely that your golf course can succeed, for the short-term and the long-term!