Golf Analogy Motivation Speaking

Motivational Speaking using Golf Analogy

Golf Concepts offers motivational speaking seminars aimed at getting you and your business to think about business, and life, differently, using the challenges of golf as the means to that end! As you can tell, humor is a key to changing your attitude, as is understanding how your success-or lack thereof-can influence your work, or your teamwork, at your job. With golf as the hub, these seminars are sure to “remove the block” and restore a more positive mindset.
  • Swing your Way To Success!
  • Laughing in Golf=Laughing in Life (And at Work!)
  • 5 Key Points to Success in Golf and Life
  • I Can't Make This Putt! I Can't Succeed at This Project! The Tools You Need for Both # Removing Golf and Work Mental Blocks
  • Do's and Dont's of Golf and Life!
  • Problems at Home, Are Problems at Golf, Are Problems at Work. You, You and You!
  • Golf Focus, Work Focus=5 Keys of Golf that will Help you at Work!
  • Its How You Play The Game! (We Mean Work, not Golf!)
  • GPS! Golf Provides Success! Confidence on the Golf Course Inspires you in the Workplace!
  • Golf Course Challenges Solved= Workplace Challenges Solved: Its your Attitude!
  • Enjoy Golf, Enjoy Work, Hate Golf/Hate Work! # Problem Solving: Teammates in Golf, Teammates at Work!
  • Golf Course Humor Infects the Workplace with Humor
  • Attitudes and Choices: How you tackle the golf course is probably how you tackle the workplace!
  • Golf/Life/Work # Attitude and Belief-Yes You Can!!
  • Golf Goal Setting/Workplace Goal Setting: One, two, three, Score! # Positively Perfect Practicing
  • Golf Management is Project Management!