Golf Course Facility Consulting

Golf Concepts partners with leading Agronomists, Golf Course Renovation/Construction Specialists, and Irrigation Specialists to provide full-scale Facility Consulting.
In the present economic environment, golf facilities are experiencing pressures to minimize costs and maximize profits. Golf Concepts has been advocating a “Green Approach” to minimizing golf maintenance costs for years. We have partnered with top-flight companies that provide products that make a “minimalist” approach to maintenance a reality for your facility, and offer state-of-the-art Golf Course Renovation and Construction planning and implementation.

For example, our partnership now extends to Case Golf Company, a company that takes seriously the environmental issues surrounding golf courses today, as well as innovative strategies to help your facilities bottom line, and Sanders Golf, who has lived and breathed golf construction and renovation since 1985, involved in all levels of projects from the low to high-end facility, and with a family reputation in the business that is superseded by none. Finally, we have recently partnered with Dave Ragan, who brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of irrigation construction, renovation, and maintenance. We are one-stop when it comes to your golf course construction, renovation, management, and turfgrass renovation needs.

When Golf Concepts asks facilities what areas of concern they have for their operations, maintenance costs and revenue generation are the two most often cited issues they wish to address. Golf Concepts will take an in-depth look at your maintenance philosophy, analyzing it product by product, then recommending cost saving remedies in the areas of a product purchase, as well as doing an analysis of the golf course, to determine areas of the golf course where reduced maintenance might actually be a benefit to the facility, from a cost perspective, as well as from an aesthetic perspective. Golf Concepts has recently partnered with leading agronomists to provide such services. For example, Ryan Berger, GCSAA member and Head of Agronomy, provides keen insight for Golf Concepts into this critical area. Golf Concepts is also associated with the American Society of Golf Course Architects and the Golf Course Builders Association of America.

Golf Course Revenue Generation is the second area that Golf Concepts Consulting addresses that allows a facility to maximize its potential revenue streams. We analyze your existing revenue in key performance areas, determine areas of improvement, and provide a strategic action plan to help your clubs improvement.

Golf Concepts, Inc., through its’ team of highly skilled professionals, can assess your turfgrass problems and provide solutions to get your golf course back on track to proper maintenance practices. Contact us today and we will perform a site visit and get you started!