Golf Instruction Program

In addition to the other golf instructional programs we offer (see information below), we now have a special type of program for high level players. Have you ever wanted to work in the golf industry, but we’re only motivated by teaching and playing? You don’t like the pro shop, you don’t want to fold shirts for a living, you just want to play tournaments and teach for a living? Well, Golf Concepts has a brand new program just for you!  This program is for golfers across the worldIt is called the Players Certification Program, where you will be able to secure your industry position in the area of teaching and playing, by proving your playing ability and learning the best methods to teach the game of golf!  We will provide you with an educational platform to get you to understand swing theory, and connect you with other golfers of a high ability level, and help place you in industry positions across the world.

This program will give you the fundamentals of playing and the fundamentals of teaching golf. Our expert staff in this area consists of top Instructors, a PGA Tour caddie who will offer advice on golf course management.

You will be required to pass a playing test, administered by our staff, or in association with approved golf courses around the globe, and the test is rigorous-you must score at least 75 or better in one of two rounds you play under tournament conditions, at approximately 6600 yards. Not for the faint of heart, but, that is the point, this playing certification means something, and will be presented that way when we place you in the industry.

Here is a listing of the other golf instructional programs we offer:
  • Become a Certified Golf Operational Manager!
  • Become a Trained Golf Operations Staff Member
  • Certified Customer Service Specialist
  • Certified Tournament Coordinator
  • Certified Food and Beverage Management

Players Program Announcement!

Golf Concepts Player and Instructor Certification Program!

Golf Concepts
Golf Academy
Golf Concepts Golf Academy is designed to provide golf instruction to players of all ability levels. Our founder’s instructional method respects individual needs and differences while incorporating golf swing fundamentals. Alternatively, you can become a Certified Golf Instructor with our combination internet learning program and in-person mentoring.
For a beginner, you will be provided with an A to Z primer consisting of rules and etiquette, as well as swinging the club, putting, chipping, pitching, and all the knowledge you need to feel comfortable the first time on the golf course as well as a take home instructional manual.
For intermediate and advanced players, a computer video swing analysis assessment determines a player’s individual instructional refinements. From there, a customized program is developed which will create a solid foundation for change. Whether it be a swing modification or course management plan, all essential elements will be addressed to give you the confidence to raise the level of your game.
All Programs &
Course Instructions
All programs utilize state-of-the-art teaching aids and computer video analysis on our practice facility area. On-course instruction is held at Stoneybrook Golf Course in Estero, Florida, and ShadowWood Golf Course, Bonita Springs.
Two, three, and four day programs are available that cater to all ability levels. Special programs are also available for women, juniors, and executives.

Whether you are a beginner or expert player, looking to improve your game or become a Certified Teaching Instructor, Golf Concepts has the program for you!

All onsite programs are held at Westminster Golf Club. Westminster Golf Club has a state-of-the-art learning center where the outside portion of our golf instructional programs can be held. Golf Concepts has a private golf instructional teaching area with full-swing access, pitching and bunker access, and putting access.

Golf Concepts has an indoor studio at this facility where we will analyze your swing with our JC Video computer software, allowing you to maximally benefit from your instruction. We will conduct private golf lessons, and 2 and 3 day golf school programs at this facility.