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Ever wonder what you could do with education and certification from Golf Concepts International? We provide programs that teach you the fundamentals of the career’s listed below. Tell us what type of career you are interested in, and we will train you to be well-rounded in this area!

Here are some of your exciting career choices, representing the “A” to “Z’s” of Golf Career!

Assistant Golf Course Superintendent

Assistant Golf Professional

Computer Service/Data Processing

Coordination, Planning, and Implementation of Golf Events for Organizations, Businesses, or Associations

Corporate Golf Professional

Director of Club Operations

Director of Golf at a Golf Facility

Director of Golf Instruction

Director of Golf or Head Golf Professional at a Golf Facility under construction

Driving Range Owner

General Manager

Golf Accessories and Gifts Sales Representative

Golf Administrator of a Golf Association

Golf Apparel Sales Representative

Golf Artist

Golf Ball Retriever/Diver

Golf Broadcaster/Commentator on Television, Radio, Cable, Internet or other forms of Media

Golf Cart Manufacturing/Sales

Golf Cart Owner/Rental/Lease

Golf Clinician/Trick Shot Artist

Golf Club Designer

Golf Club fitter

Golf Club Maker/Assembler

Golf Club Manufacturer

Golf Club Manufacturer Research and Development Director

Golf Club Repair Service

Golf Club Tester

Golf Clubhouse/Pro Shop Designer

Golf Course Broker

Golf Course Builder

Golf Course Construction Equipment Operator

Golf Course Designer/Architect

Golf Course Developer

Golf Course Environmental Consultant

Golf Course Equipment Lender

Golf Course Facility Consultant

Golf Course Financial Consultant

Golf Course Maintenance Crewman

Golf Course Maintenance Mechanic

Golf Course Operations Consultant

Golf Course Owner

Golf Course Project Manager

Golf Course Scorecard, Yardage Book, and Measurement Supplies Sales Representative

Golf Course Superintendent

Golf Employment/Career Services Consultant

Golf Equipment Sales Representative

Golf Equipment Tester

Golf Executive, Administrator or Supervisor with a Golf industry Manufacturer or Distributor

Golf Facility Advertising, Marketing and Promotion Agent

Golf Facility Food and Beverage Manager

Golf Facility Insurance Provider

Golf Fashion Designer

Golf Fashion Model

Golf Historian

Golf Long Drive Competitor

Golf Media, Reporting, Editing, Writing or Publishing of Newspapers, Magazines, Internet

Golf Membership Sales Manager

Golf Merchandise Manager/Buyer

Golf Merchandising Consultant

Golf Photographer

Golf Physical Therapist

Golf Products and Services Representation and Public Relations

Golf Program Computer Software Developer

Golf Range Equipment and Supplies Sales Representative

Golf Real Estate Appraiser

Golf Resort Manager

Golf Rules Official

Golf Shop Assistant

Golf Teaching/Training Aide Sales Representative

Golf Tour Organize Golf Tournament Administration, Management, and Operations Manager

Golf Tournament Caterer

Golf Tournament Manager

Golf Travel Agent

Golf Travel and Tour Provider

Head Golf Professional at a Golf Course

Head Golf Professional at a Golf Range

High School Golf Coach

Hotel Management at a Golf Facility

Human Resources/Personnel Director

Independent Golf Product Sales Representative

In-home Golf Instructor

Instructor on a Cruise Line

Irrigation Specialist

Junior College/College/University Golf Coach

Mobile Caddie Service

Mobile Golf Cart Repair/Cleaning Service

Mobile Golf Club Cleaner

Outside Service Assistant

Ownership/Management of Golf Products or Services at a Retail Facility

Professional Golf Management Schools (Director/Instructor)

Sports Psychologist

Tee Time Service/Operator

Tour Caddie

Tour Player Management

Tour Player, Golden State, Pepsi, Teardrop, King Stahlman, Cleveland, Golden Bear, etc. Tours

Tour Player, International, Canadian, European, or Asian Tours

Tour Player, PGA Regular, Senior, Nike, or LPGA Tours

Tournament Director for Golf Tours/Companies

Turf and Sand Supply Sales Representative Turf Maintenance Equipment Sales Representative

Turf Products, Maintenance, and Landscaping Equipment Sales Representative

Wholesale Sales and Distribution of Golf Merchandise or Golf-related Supplies to Golf Facilities, Retails Stores, and otherGolf Outlets

Golf Instructor at a Golf Facility, Golf School, and/or Indoor Teaching Facility