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Greening of Golf

Greening of Golf-A Prime Example:
We found this article from social media recently, and it is a prime example of the future of the golf industry-if it wishes to survive, which, from some of the decisions we see made on a daily basis, appears debatable. Facilities need to find ways to save money, and here is a perfect opportunity to make that happen with your golf car fleet…Courtesy of Earth Care Green Products. Interestingly, this device will probably be a long term solution for golf clubs, but we have seen many “early adopters” of this technology.
Green Products: Thin-Film Solar Golf Cart Charger
In this budding age of sustainability, EarthCare Green Products has come out with a fresh thin film solar initiative that promises better efficiency than standard hard panels. These pioneering peel and stick solar golf cart chargers use amorphous solar cells with strong light absorption capabilities and are coated with an Ethylene Propylene Copolymer tape industrial grade tape formulated with reinforced rubber which is a high performance, non-drying, and non-hardening for maximum efficacy. The peel and stick kits are all-inclusive with wire harness, solar panel, primary change controller,green-products-thin-film-solar-charger fuse holder, battery harnesses, and full installation instructions. Panels weigh just around 4 lbs each and installation is simple, requiring only two individuals and about 15 minutes. Kit costs vary from around $700-to $1,595 per panel, and buyers are eligible to receive a 30 percent federal tax credit. EarthCare guarantees excellent product performance for three years, but assure that they can well perform for more than ten years. For additional information, check out EarthCare Green Products.